"Certain things in life are destined, and the rest are changeable. It is just a matter whether do you have the courage to change."

- Jarius Draslaric


Jarius Draslaric, better known as Ajahn Bhutavejja or Grandmaster Lei Xiang, is a World renowned Master of Metaphysics in Mao Shan (茅山術) and Thai Mastery (泰國法術). His reputation had earned him with invitations from all around the World for global prominent campaigns, seminars, and talks.

Grandmaster is also well-versed in numerology and geomancy which had aided him to achieve a high accuracy of 95% in character analysis, and a success rate of 70% in changing people's life, during his journey of over 40,000 consultations since 2015.

Additionally, he studied in graphic designing and psychology which had enabled him to make use of the skills and knowledge during studies into metaphysics, thus, bringing metaphysics into the next level by making the once impossible possible, the unique ordinary, and the unknown known.



Just like most of the teenagers, Jarius Draslaric had his adolescence full of curiosity into the unknowns, many were the things that they didn't or couldn't do, some were into religion, and for him, it was the paranormal. Jarius' obsession in paranormal had led him to countless of jaunts to haunted places and even travelled for this sole purpose.

After some time, he desired more than just jaunts, he yearned to know more, so he started researching into exorcism. His passion in learning exorcism had led him into an arduous journey, and finally after 4 years, he get to know of his current Master which had accepted Jarius into his sect, Yin Men Dong (陰門洞)), as one of his disciple, naming Lei Xiang.

Even though the journey was arduous, Jarius did not give up or even intended to give up at any point of time due to his passion and interests. He fought through the tiredness over his job as a Military Expert in the Republic of Singapore Navy, and the night lessons and training provided by his Master. He also fought through the physical, mental, and psychological temptations that was developed due to the onerous time commitment.

It did not take long for Ajahn Bhutavejja to be graduated and assessed qualified as a Master of Metaphysics himself.


After the graduation and qualification assessment, Grandmaster started providing spiritual and metaphysical consultations with a motive to help as much people as he can and possible. Throughout the time, he constantly proved his capabilities and abilities, improving and evolving his metaphysical knowledge and skills. He took advantage of statistics to devise best solutions for different life problems to help people in resolving their issues.

However, Grandmaster felt that he could only help a handful of people alone due to the time he had, and wanted to do more so more people could benefit from it. Leveraging of his skills and knowledge of graphics designing and psychology that he studied, he found out of a good way to make all these happen. He embed metaphysical practices onto a certain product that he designed using graphics designing, and adding a touch of psychology, to help improving people's life. Due to the versatility of products, it could be used by more people without his physical presence.

Thereafter, Draslaric® was established, the first metaphysical brand that provided products and services to assist and improve people's lives. The establishment of Draslaric® had changed thousands of lives as all products are sold out shortly after their launch.

Shortly after, Grandmaster's fame and reputation rose as he was invited to numerous International metaphysical talks and seminars as guest speaker from the U.S. to Asia.

In 2020, Draslaric® had expanded it's wings from the U.S, to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Today, Draslaric Holding Group Corporation acquired a total of 72 companies. Draslaric Group, the retail arm of DHG, evolved into a group of companies where its subsidiaries provides a full array of metaphysical products and services, making Draslaric (Holding) Group a one-stop for all metaphysical needs. At the same time, expanding it's wings further to London, and Hong Kong.


The founding of Draslaric Holding Group Corporation had made Grandmaster fulfil his goals, mission, and vision in helping people. However, he is not contended with all of his accomplishments and wanted to be able to change lives at a bigger scale in a different level. On top of improving the quality of products and services, he is focusing on his personal capabilities and abilities as well so he could use all his skills and knowledge to explore the unknowns, and reach greater heights.

Grandmaster intended to further expand to the whole of South East Asia and increase Draslaric Holding's acquisitions and subsidiaries to 100 by 2025.


Ajahn Bhutavejja or Grandmaster Lei Xiang is the 5th generation of sect Yin Men Dong (陰門洞). A sect founded and originated in China, later spread to Thailand, and lastly to the U.S. and Singapore. Yin Men Dong (YMD) held its reputation of being known as SiamMao (暹茅), which also meant by the combination of Mao Shan (茅山術) and Thai Mastery (泰國法術). 

Despite the high number of discipleship, the qualifications and criteria of being a Master for the sect are extremely stringent. This had led to most of the disciples to be unable to step up in becoming a Master for the sect, therefore, there are only a handful of qualified Masters in the whole World.