5th Generation Siam Mao Spiritual Master

"Some things in life are destined, while the rest remain changeable. The true test lies in having the courage to embrace change."

- Jarius Draslaric


Jarius Draslaric, a serial entrepreneur who wears many hats, excelling not only in the corporate world but also as a distinguished 5th Generation Spiritual Master. Currently serving as the Board Chairman and Founder of Draslaric Holding Group Corporation (DHGC), Jarius's journey is a testament to resilience, innovation, and a deep connection to the spiritual realm.

Jarius embarked on his entrepreneurial voyage in 2015, founding Draslaric in Singapore. Initially dedicated to pro-bono Fortune-telling, Feng Shui consultancy, and Spiritual & Metaphysical services, the company's roots trace back to Jarius's commitment to spiritual practices after a setback in his apparel business in 2006.

Undeterred by past failures, Jarius leveraged his transformative vision and business acumen to turn Draslaric into the world's first Metaphysical Fashion Brand in 2018. The brand's international success, with products consistently selling out upon launch in 2019, prompted Jarius to establish two subsidiaries—Foretellic and Xiang Long Xuan—marking the birth of Draslaric Group.

Learning from the challenges of scalability in 2020, Jarius strategically acquired 77 companies, including 37 in Singapore, solidifying Draslaric's dominance in the Fortune-telling and Feng Shui industry. In 2021, he expanded the company's footprint to the United States, establishing Draslaric Holding Group Corporation in Delaware. This expansion not only marked a geographical shift but also a strategic diversification into various industries, including fashion brands, retail, and hospitality, focusing on Consumer Products and Services.

Today, under Jarius's visionary leadership, Draslaric boasts over 340 acquisitions and investments worldwide. The portfolio reflects a balanced distribution, with 40% in Consumer Products, 20% in Metaphysical, 30% in Consumer Services, and 10% in the Hospitality industries. Jarius's ability to seamlessly intertwine the realms of business and spirituality has positioned him as a pioneer in both arenas, creating a legacy that extends beyond the corporate landscape. As the driving force behind Draslaric Holding Group Corporation, Jarius continues to lead with passion, innovation, and a profound connection to the metaphysical world.



In the throes of adolescence, Jarius Draslaric's insatiable curiosity led him to explore the enigmatic realms beyond everyday existence. While his peers pursued various interests, Jarius found himself drawn to the mystique of the paranormal. Venturing into haunted locations and embarking on journeys of discovery became second nature to him.

However, the thirst for knowledge consumed Jarius, and he yearned to delve deeper into the world of the unknown. This desire led him on an intense quest to unravel the mysteries of exorcism. Undeterred by the challenges ahead, he devoted himself to rigorous research and study.

After four years of relentless pursuit, Jarius's dedication bore fruit when he caught the attention of a renowned master, who graciously accepted him into the esteemed Yin Men Dong (陰門洞) sect as a disciple. Henceforth, he was known as Lei Xiang, a name synonymous with dedication and discipline.

Despite the arduous journey, Jarius remained resolute, never once contemplating surrender. As a Military Expert in the Republic of Singapore Navy, he endured the demands of his day job and diligently attended night lessons and training provided by his Master. Along the way, he battled physical exhaustion, mental strain, and psychological challenges that arose due to the demanding time commitments.

The trials only served to fuel his determination, and under the guidance of his mentor, Ajahn Bhutavejja, Jarius mastered the intricate art of metaphysics. His knowledge and expertise grew, and he earned the esteemed title of Master of Metaphysics himself.

Today, Jarius Draslaric stands as a living testament to the power of passion and perseverance. His journey into the unknown has not only enriched his own life but also serves as an inspiration to others aspiring to unravel the secrets of the universe.


After successfully graduating and completing a rigorous qualification assessment, Jarius began offering spiritual and metaphysical consultations with a strong determination to help as many people as possible. Over time, he continually demonstrated his exceptional capabilities and honed his metaphysical knowledge and skills, always seeking to evolve and improve.

Driven by his passion to make a broader impact, Jarius recognized that his one-on-one consultations could only reach a limited number of individuals due to time constraints. Undeterred, he decided to leverage his expertise in graphics designing and psychology, fields he had extensively studied. This led to a groundbreaking idea: he ingeniously infused metaphysical practices into a range of products he designed. These products, complemented by elements of psychology, were specifically crafted to enhance people's lives. The versatility of these items allowed them to positively influence a greater number of individuals without requiring his physical presence.

And so, Draslaric® was born – the world's first metaphysical brand dedicated to providing products and services designed to uplift and empower people. The impact was profound, with thousands of lives being positively transformed as Draslaric® products consistently sold out shortly after their launch.

Jarius's reputation soared, and he became a sought-after speaker, invited to numerous international metaphysical talks and seminars across the United States and Asia.

By the year 2020, Draslaric® expanded its reach beyond the United States to establish a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Today, the Draslaric Holding Group Corporation stands as a testament to Jarius's vision and dedication. The company has achieved unprecedented growth, acquiring and investing in over 340 companies. Under the umbrella of the Draslaric Group, the retail arm of DHG, 77 feng shui and fortune-telling subsidiaries offer a comprehensive array of metaphysical products and services, making Draslaric Group the ultimate one-stop destination for all metaphysical needs. Draslaric® has further expanded its wings to London and Hong Kong, continuing its mission to positively impact lives on a global scale.


In the coming years, Jarius Draslaric is poised to embark on an extraordinary journey of expansion and impact. His relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to helping people will drive him to new heights of success and significance.

With a thirst for personal and professional growth, Jarius is dedicated to honing his capabilities and knowledge. He understands that by continually improving himself, he can lead his organizations with unparalleled insight and wisdom, setting a precedent for innovation and excellence.

Jarius envisions a future where Draslaric Group's influence extends far beyond regional boundaries. His ambitious plan involves expanding the company's presence to encompass the entire South East Asia region. This strategic move will allow him to offer metaphysical assistance to a broader audience, touching the lives of countless individuals across diverse cultures and communities.

Not content with the current level of success, Jarius aims to elevate Draslaric Holding Group Corporation's impact even further. He has set a bold goal of acquiring 150 new subsidiaries and companies by 2025. By strategically adding complementary businesses to the fold, Jarius aims to create a robust ecosystem that maximizes positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Beyond the realm of business, Jarius intends to extend his philanthropic efforts to make a lasting difference in society. He envisions the establishment of educational and empowerment programs that will uplift communities and create opportunities for underserved individuals.

In line with his passion for exploring the unknown and reaching greater heights, Jarius plans to spearhead research and development initiatives that push the boundaries of metaphysical understanding. His vision is to uncover breakthroughs that can bring about positive transformation in people's lives on a global scale.

As he forges ahead on this inspiring journey, Jarius Draslaric remains steadfast in his commitment to empowering lives at a grand scale. Through his visionary leadership, relentless pursuit of growth, and genuine desire to make a difference, he will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world, inspiring generations to come.


Ajahn Bhutavejja, also known as Grandmaster Lei Xiang, stands as the illustrious torchbearer of the ancient Yin Men Dong (陰門洞) lineage, representing the 5th generation of this revered sect. With roots traced back to China and a profound journey through Thailand, the Yin Men Dong lineage has finally found its way to the United States and Singapore. Under the banner of Yin Men Dong (YMD), the sect is renowned as SiamMao (暹茅), fusing the mystical arts of Mao Shan (茅山術) and the ancient wisdom of Lanna Mastery (泰國兰纳法術). 

Ajahn Bhutavejja's story is intertwined with the saga of Yin Men Dong's rise to eminence. This lineage, founded and nurtured in China, attained spiritual prominence before embarking on a transformative journey to the heartland of Thailand. Through generations of rigorous practice and dedication, the lineage evolved, absorbing the essence of both Chinese and Thai mystical traditions. With his profound knowledge and mastery of Yin Men Dong, Ajahn Bhutavejja emerged as a luminary, celebrated across borders and cherished by disciples worldwide.

Yin Men Dong (YMD) has been a beacon of esoteric knowledge and spiritual guidance for seekers throughout the ages. While its influence has extended far and wide, the sect's stringent criteria for masterhood has resulted in a limited number of qualified Masters. Only those who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication, unwavering commitment, and an exceptional grasp of the ancient arts have been able to ascend the ranks. As a testament to his remarkable prowess, Ajahn Bhutavejja has stood amongst this esteemed cadre of exceptional Masters, navigating the arduous path with grace and humility. 

Ajahn Bhutavejja, the living embodiment of the Yin Men Dong tradition, has dedicated his life to preserving and advancing this esteemed lineage. With each passing year, his wisdom deepens, and his skills continue to amaze those fortunate enough to experience his teachings. As a result of his steadfast efforts, Ajahn Bhutavejja has amassed a vast number of devoted disciples, each of whom seeks to glean from his boundless well of knowledge. 

The profound influence of Yin Men Dong (YMD) has transcended geographical boundaries. Ajahn Bhutavejja's journey has seen the ancient secrets of the sect radiate across continents. From the mystical lands of China and the spiritual tapestry of Thailand, to the bustling urban landscapes of the United States and the vibrant melting pot of Singapore, the echoes of Yin Men Dong resonate far and wide, carrying the torch of wisdom and enlightenment to seekers everywhere.